Gate Automation


AXEL (AX400) - Underground Gate Kits

Underground motors are the best choice for estate gates. AXEL has all the modern features for safety & reliability.

The control panel is designed for easy wiring and includes a battery backup option for uninterrupted access. AXEL gear motors have encoders for accurate positioning, and pressure sensitive reversal.

The casement physical stops mean a centre stop is not required on gate leaves up to 2m. There is an easy to operate manual release by key both sides of the gate.

System Features -

  • High torque high duty motor including PSR encoder on a single 3 core cable.
  • End of travel slow down with physical internal casement stops.
  • Optional heavy duty casement with replaceable pivot & stop options

AVANTI (F600) - Ram/Worm-Drive Gate Kits

AVANTI sets are ideal for light open frame gates. Low power motors have intrinsically high duty cycles and high torque so essential for busy gates.

RIO-S controller has exceptionally simple wiring. The LCD diagnostics display and self setting routine are a blessing for professionals and beginners alike.

System Features -

  • Physical open & close stops
  • Slow down at end of travel
  • Manual release key on top
  • Pressure sensitive reversal
  • Self setting run cycle
  • Built in battery charger

RETRO (F650) - Articulated Arm Gate Kits

The geometry for articulated arm motors are flexible. RETRO are ideal for automating existing gates and large barn door style garage doors.

RETRO are easy to fit and maintain.

System Features -

  • Long reach arms for big piers
  • Open and close electric limits
  • Electronic pressure sensitive reversal
  • Timed slow down at end of travel
  • Manual release behind locked cover
  • Physical open & close stop

PICO (F550) - Sliding Gate Kit

Simple to fit sliding gate motor

System Features -

  • Pressure sensitive reversal
  • Encoder position control
  • Key operated disengage on one side
  • High duty 24Vdc motor
  • Full or pedestrian opening by remote
  • Built in battery charger & receiver

AVALON (DM600) - Hydraulic Ram/Worm-Drive Kit

Hydraulic gate rams are used on heavy gates that could get rough service.

AVALON has two stroke length options, 240mm & 360mm, to suit 4m or 6m gate leaves and post geometry. Both are 230Vac without encoders or limits.

There is only hydraulic locking in closed position.

System Features -

  • Long or short stroke options
  • Hydraulic locking on close
  • Reduced force at stroke end
  • Motor in oil bath
  • Shock absorbing mounts
  • Pressure sensitive reversal
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